Studying in the UK and Ireland


There is an international educator’s conference in Vancouver in early June and this has given us the opportunity to invite a number of university representatives from the UK and Ireland who are already coming for the conference to travel to SMUS to present their opportunities for study in the UK. Parents and students are most welcome to come to any or all of these presentations!

Here is the line-up of visitors for the week of May 24th:

  • Tuesday, May 24 at lunch in Crothall 123: St. George’s, University of London. SGUL offers courses in the health care field, including midwifery, physiotherapy, medicine and biomedical science. Students can enter all these training programmes directly from high school and, in the case of the medical programme, graduate in five years (three for most of the other programmes). The deadline for application to study medicine in the UK is October 15 so this is the perfect opportunity to get all the information you need about SGUL, but also about studying medicine in the UK (not including Ireland), in general.
  • Wednesday, May 25 at lunch in Crothall 123: Trinity College Dublin. TCD offers courses in the following faculties: Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences; Engineering, Math, & Science; and Health Sciences (including medicine). This presentation will give you insight into studying in any of these areas in Ireland, which has a separate application that does not include UCAS (used for Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and England).
  • Thursday, May 26 at lunch in Crothall 123: University College Dublin. UCD has offerings in seven colleges: Arts and Celtic Studies, Business and Law, Human Sciences, Science, Engineering and Architecture, Agriculture, Food Science and Veterinary Medicine, Health Science. This representative will be happy to speak to any interested students or parents about admission requirements and both studying and living in Dublin.
  • Friday May 27th, period 5 (in the Chapel): University of Glasgow, Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama, Glasgow Caledonian University, Queen Margaret University. These four universities are going to present together on studying in Scotland and their unique programme offerings, which run the gamut from ballet to law, public relations, vision science, acting, journalism… and the list goes on. The Scottish universities are often a great fit for students applying from SMUS because the education systems at both the high school and the undergraduate levels in Scotland are very similar to ours.
    • Please note that this presentation will take place during period 5 when all grade 11s are involved in the “Right to Play” activities as part of PE 11. You have the option to leave the activities early to come to this presentation if you let me know in advance by email (


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