Water… in the form of rain can be such a nuisance, especially this late in the spring. I was thankful that it didn’t rain today because the students had been planning their big Walk for Water event for months and rain would certainly dampen spirits. The irony of these thoughts were lost on me until I sat down to write this post.

An update from the United Nations Summit in 2010 reported that although some 1.7 billion people have gained access to safe drinking water since 1990, 884 million people worldwide still do not have that basic necessity of life, and those who do may have to spend hours each day retrieving it.

SMUS students are raising money and awareness of this global issue by supporting organizations who are bringing clean water to villages in developing countries.

During this morning’s Middle School assembly, students heard about the work that is being done by the Aga Khan Foundation and the World Partnership Walk.

The Junior School students enjoyed the annual Dahl lunch yesterday to help raise money towards the WPW and many within our SMUS community will be on the SMUS team on Sunday, May 29. http://www.worldpartnershipwalk.com/

Senior School students who are recently back from Kenya over Spring Break, shared their thoughts on their trip and specifically the experience they had “walking for water” with the Kenyan women. These women spend a great deal of their day retrieving water for their families and often need their children to stop attending school in order to help. A Free the Children student group at the Senior School encouraged Middle School and Senior School students to participate in the annual “Walk for Water” today.  This event is meant to give people an opportunity to think about the effort and sacrifice that takes place in developing countries to access water.

Students in the Grade 10 Experiential Program walked empty jugs down to the Junior School (5 kilometers away), made a brief presentation about the event, filled their jugs and walked back.

It is really hard to imagine not having access to clean, fresh water in Victoria but today we see how SMUS students are able to think outside their own reality and continue to advocate for others, acting as part of the solution.


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