Junior School Students Meet Author


by Diana Nason, librarian

We were fortunate to have Robin Muller visit the Junior School on Monday, May 9th on his way home to Toronto from Bookfest in Nanaimo. Robin is the author of 17 books and the recipient of the Governor General’s Literary Award for The Magic Paintbrush as well as several awards for book design.

Robin’s presentation for Grades 2, 3 and 4 was an energetic and upbeat look at the creative process. From rough drafts and rough sketches, Robin emphasized the number of times a story, or an illustration, has to be reworked before it is ready to be published. Throughout the presentation he emphasized the need for editing and improving the final product. He concluded his presentation with an illustration, where he and the students made a picture together that they called “Dimento the Spotted Dog.”

With Thursday’s visit from Kenneth Oppel, it was a busy week for the library!

Student Comments

“I think that Mr. Muller was fabulous. He had a great sense of humour. I thought that it was amazing how many times he had to redo his work.” – Marina

“I really like how when he was writing if one of his pictures didn’t look good, he didn’t give up he just tried again. I also like how he didn’t rush on his drawings. He took his time on them and he redid them. I like Mr. Muller’s illustrations because they have lots of detail.” – Stefan

“My favourite book is the Lucky Old Lady. I thought it was interesting that he used a toothbrush to do some of his painting. He showed us how he uses a toothbrush to add colour.” – Shae

“My favourite book was Tatterhood” – Alicia

“I think that Mr. Muller is so funny. He does not like books where people do not do the right thing. In his books, he wants people to do the right thing.” – Devon


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