Have you always wanted to be on the radio?


CFUV is Victoria’s Campus Community Radio station located in the Student Union Building on the UVic Campus. CFUV is a volunteer-based organization that airs a wide variety of programming. Because the volunteer base is so diverse, their programming offers the same exciting variety in music, spoken word and multicultural shows.

Volunteering at CFUV is an excellent way for students to gain experience, and to work in a community beyond that of their schools. Volunteers need no previous experience in radio – there is a training process in place to introduce new volunteers to broadcasting equipment, policies, sound editing software, and developing a relationship to the listener.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Host/DJ for a music show
  • Contributor to a public affairs (interview-based) show
  • Editing audio to be made into podcasts
  • Archiving audio of previously recorded shows
  • The CFUV Women’s Radio Collective (for self-identified women and girls)
  • And more!

Some privileges of volunteering for CFUV are access to their extensive music library, the ability to train in and use the studios, and access to high-quality equipment.

This is an opportunity that is both relevant and interesting to high school students, and is in a supportive environment for young adults. If you’re interested in taking part, give them a call at 250-721-8702, or  e-mail vol4cfuv@uvic.ca.


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