Students Talk About Career Day 2011

by Madison Hadfield
The SMUS career event was a really cool afternoon that let SMUS students get in touch with professionals and learn about careers that interest them. Students were able to hear the stories and opinions of people that went through school and can tell current students what it is like to work in fields that the students are interested in. The variety in the sessions we could attend was impressively extensive. I attended the environment and sustainability session and heard some remarkable professionals talk about their careers. They were passionate and inspiring, and I think every student who attended came away with a fresh enthusiasm for their futures. After the sessions were over there was a get-together in the library for all the presenters and students interested in chatting one-on-one. Students definitely took advantage of the meeting, it was crowded and conversations were plentiful. I had the opportunity to talk to some of the presenters from the environment and sustainability session, it was neat to get to know them and talk in a more informal and low-key environment. The event was an unquestionable success and I walked away with a refreshed perspective on the careers that lie ahead.

Law, business, & finance
by Jonty Considine

I found the session to be a valuable experience. Especially for students like myself, who are not entirely sure what they want to do after high school, the session was interesting, enjoyable and it definitely opened my eyes to interesting careers I hadn’t thought of before. I found the presenters to be friendly, informative and eager to share with the students. It was especially inspiring to hear advice and stories from the alumni presenters. Specifically, the presenters gave great advice on what employers look for in a prospective employee (a clear passion or commitment in a certain area).


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