Students Get Political as Election 2011 Approaches

As Canadians are preparing to vote next Monday, the past couple of weeks have seen a lot of political activity, including on the SMUS campus. Last Thursday, things kicked off with a party fair, where students presented their opinions on the major parties in play.

SMUS also hosted local candidates, who spoke to students about their campaigns, their platforms and what they saw as the key issues in the election. Guests included:

  • Patrick Hunt, Victoria Conservative
  • Edith Loring Kuhanga, Saanich Gulf Islands NDP
  • Jared Geisbrecht, Victora Green
  • Chris Causton, Victoria Liberal
  • Elizabeth May, Green Party Leader

On April 28 and 29, SMUS is holding a formal mock vote, organized with the help of Student Votes. The polling station, which has real ballot boxes and voting screens, will be open at recess, lunch and after school until 3:30. SMUS will also submit its results off to StudentVotes, so they can be combined with those from the rest of the country to form a picture of the politics of the next generation of voters.


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