Junior School Girls and Boys Love Rugby


by Marcus, Grade 4

There are many sports that SMUS offers but my favourite is rugby. Rugby is one of the most traditional sports that SMUS offers. The team at St. Michaels University Junior School started its season before spring break. We practice every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7:30 am before school. There are 34 boys and girls in Grade 4 and 5 that participate in rugby. The coaches are Mr. Spencer Robinson and Mrs. Jane Rees. So far we’ve had games against Margaret Jenkins and Oaklands and we have won both of them. I like rugby because there is a lot of teamwork. If there is just one person playing alone they will get tackled and have nobody to share the ball with. We have really good coaches, Mr. Robinson is really funny and nice. Another thing I like is this shark hat. It’s kind of a trophy. It is given out to the hungriest tackler at a game. The player gets to keep and wear the shark hat until the next game.



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