Grade 11 Leadership Opportunities for Grad 2012


The time has come for Grade 11 students to think about the role they want to take on at the school next year.  As a class they will really pave the way to a successful year and individually can make a real impact.

I would like to challenge the members of the grade 11 class to take some time over this busy Alumni Weekend….

Dear Grade 11’s,

I know some of you are studying for APs, playing in the soccer or rugby games, or are working but taking 20 minutes for your “grade 12–self” will be really valuable. I would like you to sit and think about next year. Not just while you are texting, on the computer, or studying but just alone to really think.

What do you want grade 12 to look like? What will make it a great year for you? What did you love about this year that you would like to build on? What would you like to change? Were you as involved as you wanted to be? What do you need to do now to achieve your goals and to make grade 12 an exceptional year?

During the first assembly of the year, Ms. Roth usually talks about legacy and what that will be for the grade 12 class.  As an individual, you do what you think you can, so take time to set your goals, set them high, and be clear about how you are going to achieve your goals.

One way to challenge yourself will be to put your name forward as a School Prefect, a Head of Council or a Link Leader. To read more about these positions please refer to the Student Intranet under Grade 11 Leadership. 

There are also many other ways to have a positive impact and we are really excited to support you! The road to your legacy begins now….


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