SMUS Career Day 2011: Bigger and Better


Alumni Weekend has a new addition this year: an afternoon devoted to careers. Over 35 speakers – many of them alumni – will be talking to students about what they do and how their careers began. For the first time, the event will have a keynote speaker in the form of Dr. Collin Yong ‘76, who will be talking about his career in medicine, his service work and possibly his success as a jazz musician.

“It’s the same idea as last year, only quite a bit bigger,” says organizer Mr. Jake Humphries. “We’ve got some fascinating people.”

Around 300 students have already signed up, choosing two out of the eight sessions to attend. There are two new sessions this year: one on the music business, which will include two members of the band Jets Overhead and one on sustainability and the environment.

“I think it’s really interesting that we have a sustainability/environment group,” says Jake. “It also has a great range, including an author, an environmental educator and Rob Bateman ’97, who’s a urban planner/LEED expert.”

Of the speakers, more than a dozen are SMUS alumni. In fact, part of why the event was moved to Alumni Weekend was because it’s a time when a lot of our alumni return to SMUS from locations around the world. Our alumni speakers include a chiropractor, journalist, and lawyer. SMUS Alumni Association President Gareth Rees ’85 will also be talking about life as an athlete and a sport agent.

“We have Dale Geodie ’85, a forensic engineer, who investigates car accidents; we’ve got Dr. Curran Crawford ’96 coming from UVic who worked on the eco-car project; we’ve got David Longridge ’88, who works for The Boeing Company,” says Jake. “Our alumni are doing a lot of impressive things.”

With a wide mix of speakers and fields, it’s no surprise that students have almost all signed up for the maximum number of sessions. The best part of the afternoon will be at the end, where students will have a chance to mingle and chat with the day’s speakers at an informal tea.

Career Day Sessions

  • Architecture/Construction
  • Arts/Comm/AV/Technology
  • The Music Business
  • Health Sciences
  • Don’t Work in an Office
  • Law, Business, Finance
  • Science/Technology/Engineering/Math
  • Sustainability/Environment


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