Grade 4 Classes Share First Nations Knowledge


by Finn and Izzy

The Grade 4 students presented a gallery walk for their Social Studies project on a certain First Nations region of Canada. During our unit of study, we used the guiding question, ‘How does the environment where people live affect different aspects of culture?’ to help our research. The regions were the Inuit, Iroquois, Woodlands, Pacific Coast, Plateau, Mackenzie and Yukon river basin and the Plains.

Two people worked together to research a certain region. The Grade 4 students had to accomplish four different sections of the project. The first section was to draw a map of the different tribes of the specific region. The second section was that we had to draw a visual web about what food your First Nation tribes ate. The third section was that we had to draw a labelled diagram of the clothing that your tribes wore. The last section was that we had to make a shoebox diorama of the housing and/or transportation of the region.

For example for the Plains First Nation, a tepee was created and for the Inuit First Nation, an igloo. For the gallery walk, we brought the projects into the gym to share with the teachers and the Kindergarten to Grade 5 children. Some people brought food in for the gallery walk. For people studying Inuit, bannock was brought in. Bannock is a type of bread that the Inuit made. Smoked salmon was brought in by the people studying the Pacific coast. The teachers and children asked us a lot of questions. This was a really fun experience.


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