Boarders and House Parents Play Hockey


Photos by Ian Robertson

by Jakobus Le Roux, Grade 12 BC boarder

Every year in April, a few students along with a group of SMUS faculty make a trip over to Oak Bay Rec Centre to battle it out at the ice rink. The teachers feature their already existing team while the students this year showcased the captain of Hong Kong’s Pink Dolphins Justin Wong, Port Alberni’s Ryan Taylor, and, fresh from the oil rigs, Teryl Noble, to name a few.

Initially the seemingly boundless energy of the boarders triumphed over the experienced old timers but it was not long before the student’s energy dwindled and the staff were able to slip a few goals past Mr. Geddes, who was playing for the student team. On the other end, Mr. Farish was starting to disappoint more and more of the boarders as his sprawling saves stopped the students’ efforts. Simon Cuell, however, was unfazed by Mr. Farish’s aggressive style and was able to put almost two hat-tricks past the often stacked pads over the run of the night.

At the half-time break, some of the players were traded to the opposite teams, possibly to put some structure in the unpracticed boarders team. The brief break was all that was needed for the youthful boarders to quickly restock their supply of energy while some of the older staff still seemed slightly out of breath when the game resumed. The game carried on with the amount of goals rapidly declining.

Soft turn-overs by the students often let the teachers capitalize by executing nicely-timed passing plays while the students still succeeded in sometimes slipping through staff defense with terrific one-man-shows… or random dives to the side by goaltender Craig Farish who was taking a “guess” at where the puck would go, allowing Ryan, slightly confused at what had happened, to push the puck effortlessly into the goal.

Ten o’ clock rolled around faster than anyone would have guessed and we were forced to retire to the dressing rooms, students smiling from their 11-9 victory. Though I left the arena exhausted and sore in many parts of my body, I knew I would dearly miss these nights of friendly competition between staff and students found in the SMUS community.


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