Survey Leads to Changes at Brown Hall


Recently, Brown Hall conducted an in-depth survey of staff and students, to find out how happy they were with Brown Hall. Thanks to an excellent number of responses – almost 400 people gave their feedback – the Sodexo team will be serving up a few changes just in time for Term 3.

“Overall, the results were quite positive,” says Director of Support Services Paula Henchion. “The students are content, and with this feedback we can make them even more satisfied.”

Changes already happening are an expansion of options for the boarders’ evening snack, the addition of one meat option on Meatless Monday and adding more cuisine styles, such as Japanese food. For the boarders’ late-night snack, there will be now be granola, chips and more fruit available and hopefully more options, such as yogurt, will be available when a fridge is added to the dining room.

“We know how important it is that boarders’ keep their energy up in the evenings,” says Paula. “Especially when exam time hits.”

Meatless Mondays, which started as a healthy-living initiative to reduce students’ intake of saturated fats, will still be mostly meatless, offering up tasty alternate protein sources such as lentils, beans and tofu.

Overall, the survey showed high marks in satisfaction, with no less than 80% of responses falling into the fair, good or excellent categories. In addition to maintaining the level of service, the dining hall is working harder to let students know what’s happening and when requests are acted upon.

“We’ve been doing a lot more to advertise new items, upcoming theme dinners, and the changes we make because of student feedback,” explains Paula.

The survey was so helpful that Sodexo plans to keep asking for feedback by running shorter surveys each term, the first one taking place right before exam time.

“Everyone is welcome to contact us throughout the year,” says Paula. “You don’t have to wait for the next survey!”

The Brown Hall menu is online, and you can also see the full results of the survey.


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