March 26 – Rome

We began the day by driving into Rome and making our way to the Vatican. We toured the amazing galleries and spent time admiring the amazing Sistine Chapel. That was followed by a tour of St Peter’s including a view of Michaelangelo’s Pieta. We then went for a walk by the Trevi Fountain and into the Pantheon on our way to a wonderful lunch at  Il Corallo where we met the Berardelli family, a SMUS family. After lunch we managed to make our way past long queues to spend an hour and a bit in the Colosseum – a highlight for many. After the Colosseum we drove to quaint medieval town of Anguilara for dinner before our evening concert. The concert took place in a beautiful church and was attended by a standing room crowd. The performance went very well and was concluded by a standing ovation for our students and music teachers. After the concert we were treated to a reception in the keep of the local medieval castle which is the present day music conservatory. We were treated to a night time view of the old town and the lake from the roof of the castle.


  1. Thanks for uploading all the vivid pictures and stories all along the music tour. Owing to your consideration, we were able to catch the glimpse of most of the scenes and activities that you’ve experienced. We really enjoyed all the pictures and comments. I wish you all the best for the remaining holiday season. You really deserve every compliment.
    Warmest regards


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