We had a great day exploring Florence. After our usual early start we began by exploring the market of San Lorenzo. After an hour or so of “shopping” we went to the the square of Il Duomo – Florence’s main cathedral. We climbed the 414 steps of the bell tower for an amazing view of the city. We then went to the plaza of the Signoria where there is a an outdoor statue of David. Passing through the Uffizi Gallery area we split into two groups. One went to the Galileo science museum while the other went to Palazzio Mavanzati – a mediaeval merchants palace. Many of us then had lunch and ice cream at the Ponte Vecchio. We made our way to the beautiful Santa Croce church where we viewed tombs of Michaelangelo, Galileo and Dante among others. We boarded our wonderful busses and made our way to Rome…


  1. Thanks very much for the regular updates. We feel like we are touring along with you through a most beautiful part of the world!


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