Student-led Conferences


by Brandon Hawes

The primary student-led conferences were a great way for the students to demonstrate their learning. The dynamics of each grade reflected the different needs and learning styles of the early years. In Kindergarten, each student partnered with Mrs. Lincoln to present brain maps to parents, describing what they have been learning as part of the students’ “self-assessment.” In Grade 1, small groups of students rotated through stations sharing their  stories, castles, and class work with their parents. In Grade 2, they shared their individual class work and goals as well as their animal research projects, which they presented to groups of parents. And the Grade 3 class led their parents between pioneer projects, skyscrapers, computer work, and class work.

by Heather Sandquist

This week, the Grade 4 and 5 classes guided their parents through student-led conferences. These events gave the students the opportunity to showcase many of the projects and assignments that they completed throughout the second term. In preparation for the conferences, students created a portfolio of their completed and in-progress work in subjects that included Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics. During the conferences, they showed their parents no only what they have completed, but also examples of their current work as well as assignments that have been challenging for them. In this way, students come to understand how important it is to celebrate their successes in learning as well as the challenges they have encountered along the way.

These conferences are very empowering for children and allow them to have control over the agenda as well as what they choose to show and share. They are also a wonderful opportunity for students to have an uninterrupted period of time with their parents. Well done everyone!


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