Athletics Review: Mar 7, 2011

This past weekend, the SMUS rowing team attended the Elk Lake Spring Regatta. It was the first regatta of our spring competitive season on the west coast. The weather behaved: sun, some wind, warmer temperatures and a small amount of rain. Our small team of 23 athletes entered 18 boats (of the possible 20) into finals with the following results:

  • Gold: Junior B Boys 4X+, Junior B Boys 2X
  • Silver: Junior A Girls 4x, Junior A Girls 2-, Junior A Girls 2-, Junior A Boys 4X, Junior A Girls 8+, Junior B Girls
  • Bronze: Junior B Girl’s 2X, Junior A Boys 8+, Junior A Boys 2X
  • Fourth: Junior B Girl’s 4X+
  • Fifth: Junior A Boys (lwt) 4X, Junior A Girls 4X, Junior Boys 2X
  • Sixth: Junior A Boys 2-, Junior A Boys 1X
  • Eighth: Junior A Boys 2X

It was a great weekend of racing! Congratulations to the entire SMUS Rowing team! Our next racing event will be Dueling Over a Grand April 2-3 at Elk Lake.


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