Hats Off to My Fair Lady


by Erin Anderson, editor

The SMUS production of My Fair Lady is dazzling. Charming and funny, the classic Victorian musical is full of lavish costumes, rousing dance numbers, cockney accents and an engaging story.

As Eliza Doolittle, Olivia Krusel is smashing. Her plucky character brings a great deal of energy and excitement to the show, and both her vocal and dance skills are ideal for the role. Playing opposite her as Mr. Henry Higgins, Jack Hayes is hilariously cavalier and self-deceiving. Jacob Boness, our Col. Pickering, delights as the kindly friend of Mr. Higgins. Fraser McGee plays the rakish Alfred Doolittle, delivering laughs and rowdy songs.

As Eliza’s guileless admirer, Freddy Eynsford-Hill, Brian Christensen neatly captures the ardency and ineptitude of a young man in love. Anna Queen lends a quick wit and haughty demeanor to Mr. Higgins’ mother, Mrs. Higgins. The sensible Mrs. Pearce, Mr. Higgins’ maid, is played wisely and warmly by Niki Powers.

Surrounding the main cast are an amazingly talented group of chorus members. The singers and dancers switch effortlessly from workers to debutantes, shining bright in the massive dance numbers and adding lovely touches to smaller scenes.

The whole production is lively and visually stunning. Aptly accompanied by the pit orchestra, musical numbers reach astonishing heights and the whole show comes together with humour and excitement.


  1. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon! I couldn’t have enjoyed it more and everyone from the actors to the orchestra were great. I have seen the movie many times over the years and I can’t believe how well everyone did with singing and British accents. The costumes were beautiful and the many stage changes were very well done. What an incredible amount of work for everyone, especially the lead characters who were almost always on stage.
    Very professional! I’m sure some of these students have a future in the theatre.

  2. This was an absolutely outstanding piece of theatre and my hat is off to everyone that was invloved in its production. I am STILL standing from my ovation! Bravo!


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