Junior School Students Share Photos


by Kathleen Cook (on behalf of the Junior School Service Committee)

The Grade 5 children were invited to participate in an exciting International Photography Project with World Vision Canada. This was a follow-up to the work that the Junior School do every Christmas in the annual project of chores at home and purchasing of a stable. This photography project was particularly interesting as we were a school chosen to pilot this initiative and it was certainly a great success.

In December, the World Vision Honduras Campaign for Children held a simple photography workshop and had the children in Honduras take pictures of their favourite possession, their biggest influence or their favourite place. Our students were then invited to do the same with the goal of creating a comparison between the photos and viewpoints of the children in Honduras and students in Canada.

On March 1st, representatives from World Vision, the Junior School staff and Grade 5 students, parents and media gathered in the Junior School gymnasium to view the displays from children in Honduras and children in our school. The Grade 5 students did an excellent job as they stood by their displays and talked to visitors about their reasons for selecting their photos and about the comparisons they were able to make as a result of this project. This was a meaningful project that brought greater understanding to our young students.

Student Feedback
“I enjoyed explaining my picture to people who asked why that was my favourite place. I also liked looking at posters from other kids my class. It was interesting seeing the life of other people in Ethiopia and Honduras.” -Tucker

“I really enjoyed seeing some favourite possessions, favourite places and biggest influences of other people. I think that if we were to do this again, I think everyone should write a caption for their pictures. It was lots of fun.” -Macy

“The things I would want to change for Honduras are that they could be as healthy as us and get the same things as we get – plenty of water and food. I would hope that in the future, their places would be as clean as ours.” – Charlotte

“What I enjoyed about the World Vision Photography project was that we got to compare the similarities and differences. I would have liked to have shown the kids in Honduras our pictures.” -Adam

“I enjoyed seeing everyone’s photographs and seeing the differences of people in Canada and people in Honduras. For example, Olivia brought a picture of her bed and another girl took a picture of her bed in Honduras. They were so different. The girl in Honduras had a bed on the ground. We should do this every year. Thank you World Vision for letting St. Michaels University School be a part of this project!” -Kalsang


  1. Nice pictures with nice students. Although I’m now studying at MacLachlan College but I still do think that St Michaels University School’s not bad too! I think my next stop will be here, as I’m changing school next year! See you all soon!

  2. I liked learning about the different lives that children in Honduras have than us. I noticed that the children in Honduras took photos of people instead of objects.I think they have found the true meaning of life, because we keep our brains focused on TV and our social life, while they focus on being kind to eachother and keeping themselves healthy. I love the project that World Vision is doing and I think that they should do this with other schools in Canada. I think it changed lives, not only in Honduras, but here too. Thanks for letting us be the first to try this. It was really fun but I think alot of people in my class would have wanted to share their photos with the children in Honduras.


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