Athletics Review: Feb 28, 2011

The Grade 9 girls basketball team qualified for the Island Championships February 18-19 in Nanaimo. They first faced a fast Dover Bay team, and were able to keep the game close with good rebounding and some key steals from Vivian Lam, who was selected as the player of the game. At the end of the game, the Jags could not keep up with the fast paced Dolphins and lost 44-31. They then played the #1 North Island seed and tournament host, Woodlands. The teams were evenly matched, but a 2nd half press from Woodlands made it difficult to come back after a few turnovers.

Again, SMUS held their own on the boards, but the battle of the boards did not win them the game. Stephanie Wong-Harrison led the team with 12 points (including a clutch 3 pointer), and was the player of the game. SMUS then wrapped up the tournament against familiar foe, Spencer. It was a tight game, with many ties and lead changes. Though SMUS won both previous matches against Spencer by a slight margin, this game tipped in their favour. Emma Laprise was the player of the game for SMUS with 8 points. The girls finished 6th.

The City Playoffs found the Grade 9 girls pitted against the #1 team in the league, PCS. With depleated numbers, SMUS held their heads up and played a disciplined final game of the year. Chris Chen led the team with 10 points, and Vivian Lam chipped in with 6. Stephanie Wong-Harrison, Hayley Burns, Yasmin Roudsari and Jill Ding left it all on the floor in a performance that found PCS with 5 – 24 second clock violations.


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