It’s that time of year: large scale musical productions (Senior – My Fair Lady, on right now at the McPherson Theatre; Middle School – Oliver! on next week at the McPherson Theatre) concerts (recital by SMUS alum Jonathan Crow, who is also performing as a soloist with the Victoria Symphony, on this occasion accompanied by SMUS students), three basketball teams playing in provincial championships (Junior Boys this weekend at SMUS, Senior Girls and Boys next week in Kamloops), the Elk Lake rowing regatta, the start of the rugby season (Boot Game on Wednesday) the interviewing and hiring of exciting new teachers, student-led conferences in the Junior School, alumni receptions in Seattle (Joan and I were there with our very loyal and supportive Seattle alum last night) and Portland – to say nothing of the regular day-in and day-out challenge of classes, homework, tests and assignments. And that’s not all.

As my assistant, Jennifer White, said: breathe. Or rather: breeeeeeeeeeeeeeathe.

It’s all good, of course. Busy, but good.

And also, of course, the March break comes along at just the right time.


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