Memories of Haliburton Farm

On Saturday, February 12th, 14 SMUS students ventured out to Haliburton Farm to volunteer. Dayna Fitzgerald reports on the day:

When we first arrived at Haliburton, Elmarie gave us a bit of history about the farm such as how long it had been running, how it started, and a bit of information on organic food. There was a good turnout because about a dozen SMUS students attended, and also a few from UVic.

After giving us a quick tour, we got assigned certain jobs to do. Some people dug trenches for the flower beds, and others sorted seeds. Out in the field the weeds were being plucked, and the rotten vegetables were being removed. My job with a few friends was to take out all of the rotten beets that had been frozen because of the cold this winter.

After the first two hours or work, we went inside to eat lunch. Elmarie and the farmers were so kind as they made chicken noodle soup, fresh salad, and cookies for us! When we were all finished eating, we had another two hours of work to finish off the day. A few people stayed inside sorting seeds, but everyone else had a job ahead that would be of great use for the farmers…we had to build a wood chip path. A group of 4 of us were using pitchforks to scoop the wood chips into wheelbarrows. About 4 people were bringing it all to the spot where it needed to be put, and there were a few people at the end flattening and evening out the path. It started raining when we were doing this and everything got all muddy. But the time we were finished, some of us looked like we had rolled in a pile of mud, especially my friend, Jane Pirie! I don’t know what we would have done without boots.

In the end, we were all proud of what we accomplished that day as we really helped out the farmers… it was a tiresome day, but I would gladly do it again! It is great to help out people in our community.

-Dayna Fitzgerald


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