Allocations Update

Written by Krista Schlosser

This is the first Allocations blog I have written; in fact, this is the first blog I have EVER written! I know some of you ‘techi parents’ may find this strange, but to me, blogging sounds like something I should be doing with a helmet and a signed waiver.   Anyway, here goes…

My name is Krista and I am the First Vice President and Allocations Committee Chair for the PA.  I truly have the best volunteer position on the Auxiliary.  Really, Susan, I do! I, along with my committee, have the wonderful job of handing out money.  That’s right, in my term alone, we have given out over $80,000 to fund staff and parent requests for goods or services that enrich the learning environment of the school. AND, I still have one final opportunity in the spring to give out MORE money! Wow!

It is so exciting to know that all the hard work involved in the PA fundraising activities goes towards so many needed items and activities in the school.  I mean, who knew that all the chairs in the Junior School library were purchased with PA money, or that the PA funded the potters’ wheels in the Senior School art room, and the timpani drums that look so amazing on stage when the Middle School band plays????  What about the projectors mounted to the ceiling in almost every classroom you walk into, or the sports uniforms you find crumpled up in your children’s gym bags, or the microwave oven used everyday in brown hall, the gymnastics mats in the Junior School gym, the television broadcast system in Middle School, transportation to the Provincials for some sports teams, the book carts, computer desks, outdoor play equipment, data projectors, guest speakers…  Okay, okay, I’ll stop.  (I think I’m getting the hang of this blogging!)

Anyway, what I’m basically saying is this – we parents contribute sooooo much to the overall school environment. We support the school when we order pizza lunches for our children, donate used uniforms to the store, attend Quiz Night and every time we are available to volunteer when called.

As we approach the final round of allocations spending this year, I encourage you to get involved in another way – help us determine what we spend the money on. If you know of something that would enhance our children’s educational, athletic, creative or community experience at the school, please fill out an application, ( and get the ball rolling.

Each one of us makes such a difference and together we are shaping a school that I know we can all be proud of!

Signing off,

Krista Schlosser



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