Why Have I Not Heard From UBC Yet?


Every year, SMUS sends many students to Vancouver and the University of British Columbia. Last year, more students entered UBC than any other university. Again this year, many of the Class of 2012 are applying to UBC, but no students have received an acceptance to UBC yet. There’s a reason for that.

UBC will not be sending out any acceptances until April 20th, 2011. If you have applied to UBC, you will be asked to self report your grades in mid March. The information you receive from UBC explaining the self reporting process, will tell you that you can use the marks from your Term 2 report card or from your Ministry of Education transcript. Because we send the predicted marks from your transcript directly to the Ministry of Education, you can use your school transcript to self report your grades. These are the exact grades that will appear on your Ministry of Education transcript which UBC will access in May to verify your self reporting.

Follow this link for additional information from UBC: