Athletics Review: Feb 7, 2011

In Ontario this past weekend, Tyler Olson and Nicole Bunyan participated in the Toronto Gold Tournament. Nicole Bunyan won the quarter finals but fell in the semi finals. She managed to finish 3rd after winning her final game 3-0. After losing the quarter finals, Tyler Olson placed 5th.

Both Tyler and Nicole are participating in the Canadian Winter Games in Halifax, NS from February 11th-27th.

Senior Girls Basketball
Over the long weekend, the Senior girls basketball team was off to Vancouver to play at the Big Kahuna Cup at York House. With three girls unable to play this weekend, two juniors were brought up, Jocelyn Yan and Kate Cluley. The tournament was expected to provide much competition, as the top 10 ranked teams would be participating.

The SMUS girls were in a pool with St. Thomas Moore, ranked 3rd and Nechako Valley, ranked 5th. The first game was on Thursday against St. Thomas Moore. The first 5 minutes of the game were scoreless until STM managed to get some points on the scoreboard. After the 1st quarter SMUS were down by 5 points. During the 2nd quarter, STM’s main player went down with a knee injury which gave SMUS a chance to catch up. Once the half time buzzer rang, it was a one point game. The game was close until the very end. With two missed foul shots in the last couple minutes, STM pulled out a win by 2 points. The girls played extremely well, especially Abbey Piazza who managed 22 points for the game.

On Friday, the girls were up against Nechako Valley. After losing to them in December, the girls expected tough competition. Similar to STM, Nechako’s main player had gone down with a knee injury at the end of December and was not playing in the tournament. This gave SMUS a slight advantage. During first half, the girls played well defensively and managed to score offensively which put them ahead by a couple points. After the first half, the girls allowed Nechako to catch up in the 3rd quarter. Both teams were in it by the 4th quarter and the game was put into over time. With 5 minutes left, the girls put all they had into playing hard on defence and scoring offensively. With a shot from Madison Hadfield, to put the girls up by two, SMUS won the game. Both Sophia Ducharme and Annie Pike had a great game as Sophia had 12 points and Annie had 13 points.

Later that day, STM beat Nechako which put SMUS 2nd in their pool. This meant they were going to face Holy Cross, ranked 2nd, on Saturday morning. SMUS, only being ranked 10th in the province, had a tough game ahead. The girls proved they can play at the level of the top-ranked teams. Throughout the first half and the 3rd quarter, the girls were neck and neck with Holy Cross. Only down by 2 points after the 3rd quarter, the girls had a chance to win the game. Once the 4th quarter began, the fatigue from the previous two days set in. The girls were unable to keep up with Holy Cross and unfortunately allowed them to gain a large lead. With 11 points and a great number of rebounds, Madison Hadfield had a spectacular game.

The final game of the tournament was against Sa-Hali from Kamloops, ranked 4th. They had not done as well as they hoped in the tournament and had something to lose whereas SMUS only had something to gain in this tournament. After the 1st half, it seemed as if SMUS was in it to win it. Yet, similar to the game against Holy Cross, fatigue kicked in and the girls were just too tired. Sa-Hali went on a scoring spree and managed to get ahead. SMUS were unable to keep up and Sa-Hali pulled out a win. Annie Pike, after working extremely hard all weekend, kept going throughout the entire game. She managed 12 points and overall had a great weekend.

SMUS now faces Lambrick Park on Thursday for 2nd league game. If they pull out a win, they will be ranked 2nd in the South Island.


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