New Opportunity for Middle School Squash Lovers

by Ethan Lee and Matt Ashton, Grade 10 students

We are organizing the first Middle School Squash Tournament as part of our business education class. This tournament will give the Middle School students an opportunity to play against each other in a formal manner. We hope this tournament will help develop Middle School Students’ skills if they do decide to play squash competitively or recreationally. The hope is that this tournament will be an enjoyable experience for the students.

The tournament will be from February 25 and 26, after school on Friday and Saturday afternoon (the specific times will be announced when the draws are created). There will be a pizza and soda lunch on Saturday and there will be ensured draw (door) prizes for all players that register for this tournament. As well, there will be awards for the winners and consolation winners. There are three guaranteed games and there are two categories: “A” and “Novice.”

If you want to play in this tournament, the forms are in the student notice board (in Middle School) and the deadline for them is Friday, February 11. If you have any questions or concerns, email us or phone us at (778) 678-8829.


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