Concert Covers A World of Music


This Wednesday, band, strings and choral students from the Senior School performed music from around the world at the annual Large Ensembles Concert. The Grade 10 concert band kicked off the evening with three lively numbers: “Pass in Review,” “Shipwrecked,” and “Sundance.” These were some of several new pieces of music, published in 2010.

The Grade 9 concert band began with the fast and upbeat “Brower’s Hill March,” which they followed up with “Stoneybrook Overture,” a bombastic number with a dramatic finale, and “Courage,” a cheery, spirited tune. This was a great lead-in to the Senior concert band’s opening number “I Believe,” an uplifting tune that was the CTV Olympic theme song.

From there, the Senior band presented the frantic “Mystic Portal” and “Mexican Folk Song Fantasy,” which featured maracas and Mexican boarder Julian Bryant in a sombrero. The String Orchestra presented three Chinese folk songs, their contribution to the international theme. “A Horseherd’s Mountain Song” featured some unusual vocals from the orchestra players, while the more delicate “Lan Hua Hua” and “Leaving Home” brought intricate melody to the set.

The Full Orchestra started off strong with “Landscapes.” The Antarctica-inspired piece from R. Vaughn Williams was majestic and multi-layered, featuring a powerful organ. From England, the orchestra performed “My Fair Lady Medley” with the sounds of horse hooves and gentle plucking of their violin strings.

The Concert singers performed three songs, ranging from a South African hymn of praise to the classic “Amazing Grace” from the Southern United States. “You are the New Day,” the Newfoundland song “I’se the B’y” and Amazing Grace” were combined for an impressive ending to the night, with the different songs overlapping and blending into one harmonious piece.


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