Waiting, waiting…


It used to be that students would rush home every day to see whether an admissions decision had arrived by mail, and decide when to open the envelope depending on whether it was thick or thin. Now decisions most likely will come by email notification or in an email with a link to a site (where you have to remember your login and password and then click until you get to the decision page). Nothing thick or thin about it, these days: just the words in black and white on a screen. In either scenario, it can be a stressful time, particularly for those who are still waiting while others are starting to hear.

Don’t despair! You will hear, sooner or later. Some UK schools are already sending out offers of admission, and so are some Canadian universities, especially the smaller schools and those with early decision options and self-reporting. Big schools like UBC, McGill, and U of Toronto say they won’t be giving decisions until mid-April at the earliest, and sometimes later. If you have applied to the US, you have to just sit tight and wait for April 1 to roll around. Sorry.

In all cases, make sure you are checking the email address you supplied to the university in your application, and ensure that emails are not going to your spam/junk folder. You should also check the online application system you used to apply: usually, the status of your application is also updated there. (PS: Make sure to write down all login ID’s and passwords you create. There will be many.)

If you would like to have more details regarding this part of the US, UK, or Canadian application process, click here: Waiting, waiting…more details.

If you need reassurance or are wondering about the process, check the university websites and the application site, but you can also check in with your university counsellor. Even though Planning 12 is about to end, our doors will continue to be open to you and we are happy to help.


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