SMUS Teachers Spend a Day as Students

by Erin Anderson, editor

To start the new year, our faculty for Grades K-12 spent a day expanding their repertoire of teaching tricks and techniques. To kick off the professional development day, Director of Learning Heather Clayton led everyone in a school-wide session about assessment.

She explained different ways of assessing students, the two main goals of assessment, and why well-timed, effective assessments are helpful. Later in the afternoon, she led a different kind of session for the Middle School teachers, which reminded them of the challenges of mastering something new.

In the afternoon, teachers had a choice of sessions led by their colleagues. The sessions ranged from instruction on incorporating classroom and lab technology into lessons, to how to implement research on how the brain functions into the daily curriculum.

Different departments also had small break-out sessions to learn new things and to discuss course content and skills. Below, Middle School Learning Resource Specialist Susan Vachon talks about attention and memory, the Junior School’s Laurie Piazza leads the PE department in a yoga session, and Director of Leadership Becky Anderson and teacher Richard Primrose explain servant leadership.


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