Pancake Breakfast Memories

“Several weekends ago, one of the homerooms plus a group of  boarders from Symons volunteered to help with the pancake breakfast at the Burnside George Community Centre. When we arrived, the event coordinators immediately gave us a warm welcome, and handed us name tags and a variety of Christmas hats, from Santa caps to reindeer antlers. The majority of volunteers were taking care of working with the people downstairs where pancakes were being served, whereas I, along with two other people from Symons, took care of ushering people downstairs after they’d paid for their breakfast. The volunteer coordinators wanted everyone to take the elevator to eliminate last year’s problem of people accidentally butting into the line by taking the stairs, so my roommate, Cayley, pushed the elevator button, Caroline showed parents where they could park their strollers, and I opened the door for people coming up the stairs. It sounds like a fairly simple operation, but with so many people eager to get their breakfast, our little system became elaborate pretty quickly. Near the end of the breakfast, we went downstairs and watched some girls from a nearby school perform a traditional Chinese dance that they had been practising. I hadn’t gotten a chance to see too much of the action downstairs since I was on the upper level, but I heard that Santa Claus showed up and gave all the kids toys and games, which everyone seemed happy about! There were also a couple mascots walking around, and a local radio station host was holding a raffle to give away some Christmas music and movies, which a lot of people ended up entering. Around 11 o’ clock, everyone left and thanked us for such a good time. When the chairs were all put away and the table cloths folded, the coordinators of the event thanked us for all the help and led us back out the door we came in. Looking back at the pancake breakfast, it was really fun and was definitely a great start to the Christmas season!” – Kaylaa Dornan


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