Junior School Sends Stockings to Dominican Republic

by Megan, Imaan, Amrit, Nick P, Lindsay and Chloe, Grade 5

For the past five years our Grade 5 classes have provided these stockings to give to the boys and girls who live in an orphanage in the Dominican Republic. The children live in a place that is visited by our Senior School students each year at Christmas time. The Senior School students go to help the children learn English, to help with building projects and to play with the kids. This year the students will once again take these stockings with them.

Each student in Grade 5 was given the name and age of the person that they would support. The children are many different ages – from 4 to 20 years of age. We had to think about what would be suitable for the child we were assigned and then we made our plans and bought new items or gave things that we already had at home.

In our stockings, we have wrapped little toys, pads of paper, bouncy balls, craft items, little games, hair ribbons and ties and other small items that will make them happy at Christmas. We are also donating a nice soccer ball and pump for all the children to play with and our school is sending many books along to the orphanage as well.

We had a big wrapping day and we wrapped each gift individually and put pretty bows and ribbons on them. We also wrote letters to our person and even tucked in a photo of ourselves. Most of the children speak Spanish there but we know that someone will help them read our letters.

These stockings are going to children who do not usually receive gifts at Christmas. In the past, we know that they have been so excited to go off and play with all the things that they have received from our school. We are so glad to be able to help these children have a joyful Christmas!!


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