Middle School Students Perform Recitations

by Rachel, Grade 8

On Tuesday, November 30th, we had our Middle School Recitations. I was one out of 16 students who was picked to take part in this. It was exciting, to say the least, but I speak for myself in saying that I was very nervous. As each student went up, we all went with nervous faces and we all came back to our seats with wide grins.

We absolutely have to thank all the Communication Skills teachers for coaching us and especially Mr. De Geode for taking on the great responsibility of organizing this afternoon of fun and laughter. We all enjoyed the recitations, and I know that I would definitely do this again. The recitations are scary in the beginning, but once you get up there, it’s not that bad.

The recitations were a great way to end the afternoon, and I know that the 16 students who were up reciting today will probably remember this for a while to come. I mean, how could you not remember something that nerve-wracking?


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