Middle School Adds to the Festival of Trees

by Robyn, Grade 7

Last week, a number of students from the Middle School went to the Fairmont Empress Hotel to take part in the annual Festival of Trees which raises funds for the BC Children’s Hospital. The Middle School raised money through a fundraiser called Coins for Kids and then sponsored a tree that is displayed in the foyer of the Empress Hotel. The students of House Council have been busy making homemade ornaments for the last few weeks. Some of the decorations we made included little trees made out of recycled books that looked very cute.

We also had glass bulbs that we covered in ripped up pieces of the Hobbit. It was a lot of fun to rip up the Hobbit book because we had been reading it for English class. We packed our ornaments into boxes and headed downtown. When we got to the Empress, Mrs. Lee had to make a dash to get the white lights from the registration table because apparently they were very popular. Once the lights were up, Melanie Ashton, Aveen Glen, Mckenna Haz and I started putting the ribbon on and then put all the bulbs.

It was a lot of fun. Mrs. Lee just let us do it and gave us a lot of freedom to do what we wanted on the tree. The last touch was to add the words of the school motto; to learn, to lead, to serve. The words were done in gold, bronze and silver and really made the tree represenative of SMUS. Finally the tree was done. We backed up to see the whole tree and get the whole experience. It looked awesome!

We walked around to look at all the other trees, watch the Grade 6 strings concert happening in the Tea Room and even stopped by to see Mrs. Richards and a number of other Junior School teachers decorating the SMUS Junior School tree. All the trees were very pretty. We had a lot of fun decorating the tree at the Empress and being a part of the Festival of Trees. We all hope everyone gets a chance to head down to the Fairmont Empress, make a donation to the BC Children’s Hospital and vote for our tree!


  1. Thanks for the write-up, Robyn! I went down to vote for our tree. It certainly looks beautiful. Thanks for helping to make this happen for the kids at BC Children’s Hospital .

    Mrs. Haydock


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