Junior School Students Love Buddy Reading

There is excitement in the Senior School library on Mondays, as the Junior School students arrive to meet their senior buddies for buddy reading. Students in Grades 3 and 4 are paired with Senior School students to share favourite books and to chat. They are in awe of the new library and enjoy the connection with the older students, who are great role models.

by Christian, Grade 3

This term Junior School students had an opportunity to participate in a reading buddies programme at the Senior School. Reading buddies was a lot of fun. We had half an hour to read and talk about the books. We talked about characters and their feelings. Just before we were picked up we were able to play games with our reading buddies. Reading buddies was helpful as it gave me the chance to discuss the book I was reading and learn new words.

by Evelyn, Grade 3

I love reading buddies. I love reading and reading out loud. I try to read out loud at home but my parents are busy. So now I get to read out loud to someone maybe I don’t know. When I’m on the bus my friend Elizabeth and Margo are always there and Angelina is in reading buddies so we can hang out. Games are fun at the end, but I only play Jenga.


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