Junior School Students Learn to Save Lives

by Nicky Newsome, Grade 5N teacher

The Junior Lifeguard Club has completed another successful year! Students in Grade 4 and 5 participated in a six-week program (eight practices) where they learned lifesaving and water safety skills. Club members worked towards earning awards through the Canadian Swim Patrol Program. This is an exciting and challenging program that will put interested students on the path to higher lifesaving awards such as Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross and eventually National Lifeguard certification.

The club is coached by two certified lifesaving instructors: myself and Alex Beresford (Recreation Oak Bay lifeguard and instructor).

“Junior Lifeguard Club was a fun experience and was made easy to do. Ms. Newsome and Alex made it awesome and I wish I could do it again. You learn how to be a lifeguard but also improve your swimming skills.” – Olivia

“Junior Lifeguard Club was a blast and I learned a whole lot like CPR, how to treat for shock and lots of other things.“ – Triumph

“Junior Lifeguard Club was awesome! My favourite thing was doing the timed swim. The most challenging thing was trying to lift a 10-pound weight from the bottom of the pool because I’m not used to holding my breath for that long.” – Tucker

“I had a lot of fun in Junior Lifeguard Club. I learned how to support a 10-pound weight while having my head up and how to swim 200m in 6 minutes (I actually did it in 4 minutes). I was so happy to learn how to be a lifeguard (almost!)” – Imaan

“Junior Lifeguard Club rocks! You learn, you exercise and you have fun! You get faster at swimming and you learn how to do the Heimlich manoeuvre. It’s a great club and I would recommend it to anyone.” – Aysha

“ I learned how to do CPR in Lifeguard Club. I learned how to treat someone in shock until the ambulance comes. I learned about how to treat bleeding by using R.E.D. (rest, elevate, direct pressure). I really learned a lot in Lifeguard Club!” – Tony


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