AP Art Class Visits Vancouver

by Chris Bateman, art teacher

Last Friday, the AP Studio Art students took part in a one-day residency at the Vancouver Art Gallery. In addition to touring the historical and contemporary exhibits, the students also experienced an exciting hands-on workshop inspired by the art of Kerry James Marshall. (Take a look at the video above to see them in action!)

The exhibits on offer displayed a wide range of cultural perspectives and artistic methods. Kerry James Marshall works with mixed media to explore issues from the African-American perspective including the civil rights movement in America and the concept of “Blackness” in art history. Song Dong’s exhibit, Waste Not, explores the hoarding mentality of his mother’s generation that grew up in China during the Cultural Revolution.

On the same vein, the exhibit Everything Everyday displays the work of a diverse range of artists as they turn ubiquitous objects and common tasks into works of art. Finally, the exhibit In Dialogue with Carr, pairs and juxtaposes contemporary artists’ work with the gallery’s extensive collection of original works by Emily Carr, one of British Columbia’s most celebrated artists.

All in all, it was an incredibly rich day fully of inspirational images, interesting techniques and cutting-edge concepts. We learned much to inform our own art and bolster our upcoming portfolios. And on top of it all we made it back to school in time for the dance!


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