Student Theatre Delivers a Transformative Performance

by Priya Mulgaonkar, Grade 12

If you crave an evening of mystery, frequent blackouts, multiple personalities, fizzing potions, sword-canes, and murder, the SMUS Theatre Society can provide you sustenance. In an adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the cast exposes the effect that the denial of our darker tendencies can have when they are suddenly and violently revealed.

Brian Christensen masters both aspects of his character’s dual personality, moving seamlessly from the tense, austere, and unassuming Dr. Jekyll to the enticing, devious, and terrifying Mr. Hyde. His words will have you on the edge of your seat. Sky Richards as Katherine Urquart plays the estranged and widowed sister of Jekyll, who along with her children, played by Michael Rossi and Chelsie Hart, reminded Jekyll of his youth in a way he could not bear. The astonishingly talented cast list also included stars such as Jack Hayes, playing Jekyll’s closest friend; Dierdre Keith, the maid who suffered perhaps the worst bouts of Mr. Hyde’s cruelty; Jacob Boness, Jekyll’s bidding manservant; and Lindon Carter and Fraser McGee as friends of Jekyll, who are hoodwinked throughout by Mr. Hyde’s coming and going.

Overall, the play was smashing, thanks to expert direction by Robyn Hope and Cormac O’Brien. Both the play itself and its interpretation by the very talented SMUS Theatre Society is sure to deliver, and I encourage all to go out and see it. This play surely will not exist merely, as Jekyll states, ‘breath on the glass’, but will remain among the high points of SMUS Theatre Society history.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Weds. Nov. 24 (7 pm)
Thurs. Nov. 25 (7 pm)
Fri. Nov. 26th (7 pm)
Sat. Nov. 27 (2 pm)

The doors open half and hour before the show starts in the Copeland Lecture Theatre. Tickets may be purchased in cash at the door or charged to account. It’s $5 for students and $7 for adults



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