Beacon Hill Villa Needs Volunteers

Beacon Hill Villa is a Care Home for Seniors located in James Bay. They are looking for volunteers for a variety of opportunities. They would like to find long-term volunteers who are able to come in weekly to spend time with the residents.

Story Reader: Many of the residents like to listen to short stories being read, or the happier articles in the newspaper. This usually happens in small groups, or even just with one or two people. It is a great way to get to know people without having to make too much small talk. This activity does not have to take too much time and is a perfect volunteer activity to fit in to your busy schedule.

Companionship Visitor: Many of the residents could use some more time visiting with interesting people. You could bring up a manicure kit, bring along an interesting book, read out loud, play cards or another game, help someone with an art project, or go for a walk. The recreation staff will help you find a good match and an activity to do if you need some inspiration.

Musician: Do you play an instrument such as flute,  guitar, or something else that would not be too loud in a home setting and that is easily transportable? It would be wonderful if you could wander the hallways and stop in to play a song in the living areas or even in someone’s room if they would like. One song can make such a difference!

Please contact Kristy Brugman at ( 250) 383-5447 Ext.230 or email or talk to Mrs. Parker in the Service office.


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