SMUS Students Get Spirited

by Erin Anderson, editor

This week was another fabulous SMUS Spirit Week, with some amazing new events.

In assembly on Tuesday, the entire school was dressed in their most colorful house gear. To kick off the competition, each group had to send their most promising members into competitions for having the longest air, being the shortest girls, or creating the best original cheer. At lunchtime, the competition centred around eating. A chilly November day added some extra obstacle to a slurpee-eating competition, and four students had so much school spirit that they entered an onion-eating competition.

On Wednesday, students dressed as staff members, donning everything from lab coats to outdoor adventuring gear. At lunch, there was a challenging game of jeopardy, where students and teachers tried to answer questions from “What is Lady Gaga’s real name?” to “Name pi to 15 decimal points,” which Grade 10 student Richard Cunningham did.

Thursday, the Arts and International Councils combined to host an acoustic concert. Students, dressed as hipsters, performed all kinds of music. From Chinese and Armenian songs, to unique instrumentals, to English songs from international bands, like Sweden’s The Tallest man on Earth. The week will officially wrap up on Friday, with a spirit-themed school dance.


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