QLEAD: Students Learn About Business Leadership

by Mckenzie Scott, Grade 12

The annual Queen’s University Leadership, Excellence, and Development Conference (QLEAD) has evolved into one of the most influential university/student-run business leadership conferences in Canada.

I had the honor of attending QLEAD 2010 this year, and found it to be an amazing experience. Heading into this conference, I had a few doubts. Sure, I’d heard excellent reports on Queen’s, and I loved the leadership aspect of the session because of SMUS, but the “business” aspect… not so much. Don’t misunderstand, I’m sure business is a wonderful career to pursue for some, but somehow in my mind, it just didn’t seem to be me.

I had a preconceived idea that everyone in business was doomed to a cubicle all day pushing paper! I couldn’t have been more wrong: this past weekend I was fully submersed into the riches of the Queen’s commerce faculty, and I had a transforming experience. I met people who I will always remember, heard inspiring speakers, and among my fellow delegates, I know I’ve connected with students who will become lifelong friends.

QLEAD allowed me to explore a new field, push my boundaries, and form a completely new perspective into the field of commerce. I loved every moment of the conference, and I will be forever grateful for getting the opportunity to attend!


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