Boarders Get a Taste of Home

by Sophia Loers, Grade 11 boarder

Sunday evening. It´s cold outside. Four girls are waiting in the Symons foyer for their Boarders without Borders dinner. We had all signed up for this event, where boarding students are invited by families living close to the school for a dinner. With a wave of cold air, the father of our host family for this evening enters the foyer, together with two other students from the other houses, who join our little group.

After a short drive about ten minutes, we arrive at the house of our family, the rest of them – our host mother and two sons, are already waiting for us. The first few minutes we all (I suppose I was not the only one) feel a bit awkward, but it doesn´t take long until we have a lively conversation. Another German girl and I talk a lot about our schools back home and how we experience the different cultures, the others also tell us about their future plans. During our talk I notice, impressed, how fast our family can memorize the names of six completely unknown students.

Then, we have dinner. Hard to believe that our host mother says that she normally does not cook very much, everythings tastes wonderful. Sorry, dear Brown-Hall crew, I really don´t want to be mean, but it was heaven on earth to have a home-cooked meal. Time flies without us realizing; talking, laughing and eating take all our attention. Far too early, we have to leave the house and say goodbye. Full and happy we drive back to SMUS.

When we are back in boarding, all around me are smiling faces, it seems, as if everyone had as great an evening as we did. We were all so glad about this opportunity to spend one evening as part of a family, I am sure every student would sign up again for this event.


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