Athletics Review: Nov 15, 2010

Thirty-nine athletes and six coaches experienced another successful city championships! Over three days and 18 hours of racing the rowers endured lots of rain, mud, wind, fog and chilly temperatures. SMUS entered 13 of the 22 events and competed against 16 other high schools, making 10 finals. Unfortunately the fog played havoc on the last day of racing and put the racing on hold for several hours. With daylight diminishing and the fog not lifting the Senior Women’s 8+ was unable to race their final. They were excited to see if they could improve their second placing from the previous regatta. We will never know but are sure that they would have given a great effort!

To the coaching staff, Richard Curry, Suzy Hall, Bea Seaman, Crystal Lenarcic and Brett Malcolm, thank you! To all the rowers stand up and take a bow! You are awesome!

Event Result

  • Senior Girls 1X: 4th (Jocelyn Stedman)
  • Senior Girls 8+: Cancelled
  • Senior Novice Girls 4X: 2nd (Sky Richards,Olivia Pierce, Rosalie Koenig and Bairavi Murugakumar)
  • Senior Novice Boys 8+: 1st (Chloe Carlson, Fraser McGee, Stefan Hall, Michael Shaw, Davis Shi, Alex Lamberti, Lucas Comamala, Bradyen Jebbink and Oliver Lackner)
  • Senior Novice Boys 4X: 3rd (Stefan Hall, Julian Allen, Fraser McGee and Michael Shaw)
  • Junior Girls 4X: 6th (Charlie White, Hannah McElderry, Calina Kim and Allie White)
  • Junior Girls 2X: 3rd (Charlie White and Allie White)
  • Junior Boys 8+: 2nd (Colin Knightley, Riley Erickson, Josef Svorkdal, Marcus Lelewski, Sebastian Schicknoff, Nicholas Cunningham, Brody Watkins, Kia Newman and Alpha Willeboordse)
  • Junior Boys 4X: 2nd (Riley Erickson, Josef Svorkdal, Marcus Lelewski and Colin Knightley)
  • Junior Boys 2X: 2nd (Riley Erickson and Josef Svorkdal)

As a result of all of the great racing and teamwork:

  • Junior Boys Aggregate (3rd)
  • Junior Boys Efficiency (2nd)
  • Overall Efficiency – Senior (1st)


  1. Hi Erin, Thanks for reporting. You’re right our rowing teams are awesome.

    Can you please recheck the names and standings. We watched the novice boys 4x team come in first not third. I don’t know maybe overall the novice 4x came in 3rd? Also senior boys 8+ Julian Allen rowed in the team.

    Thanks, Chris

    • Hi Christine

      I fixed the name mistake (sorry about that). Our rowing coach Susanne actually writes the rowing blurbs, so I asked her about this:

      “The boys rowed in a timed heat and won but their overall time was third (this was because of the weather).”


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