Biology Students Create Incredible Edible Cells

by Laura Williams, Grade 6

On October 18th, the Grade 6 students did a cell lab in class. It was made up of an assortment of candies and Jello and we created a plant or animal cell after studying this topic for about five weeks.

The cells were created by spooning Jello into bags and then pushing multiple gummies into the solid-liquid gelatine. The 50 minute period was filled with jellybean mitochondria, viva puff nuclei, marshmallow vacuoles, Jello cytoplasm, green gummy frog chloroplasts, and gummy worm endoplasmic reticula. Non-stop, everyone was talking about the project all day; to French, from French, at lunch and recess. Anytime we had a chance, we would. October 18th was an excited day altogether!


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