Service Day: Woodwyn Farm


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by Amita

On Thursday, November 4th the middle school had a service day. Everyone went out and did something for the community or the environment. My group went to Woodwyn farm. Woodwyn farm is a farm that helps rehabilitate homeless people who are recovering from addictions. It was a pretty cool farm. They had a lot of overgrown blackberries, so our group helped cut them back. We had to work as a group. The people who had pruning sheers cut, while the people with gloves dragged the clipped branches into a pile.

Using the gloves were kind of fun, because you could pick up super thorny branches without getting pricked. When we had a big pile of prickly blackberry bushes, we burned them. The smoke filled the whole farm and looked like mist. It was hard work, and tedious at times, but when we finished and looked at what we had done, the work was very gratifying, and it was nice to know that we were helping make a difference in the world.


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