Service Day: Mount Tolmie


by Amanda

On November 4th, the Middle School had its very first service day. Every student in the Middle School split up in groups to go out and make a difference. The group I was in went to Mt. Tolmie in the morning and a French immersion elementary school in the afternoon.

When we got to Mt. Tolmie, we met a member of the Mt. Tolmie Conservancy Association. He told us about an invasive plant species called broom weed, and Mt. Tolmie was covered with it! So, we were given clippers and gloves and pulled out a decent pile of broom. After lunch break, we got back to work and finished up. When we were done we boarded the bus and drove to the French Immersion School.

Everyone was sent to a class and I went to a kindergarten class to help a few kindergarteners finish up their booklets and helped them with their French.


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