Exploratory Students Take Over the Middle School Blog


by Erin Anderson, editor of the SMUS Review

On November 1, the Middle School began a new series of exploratory classes, where students can choose a topic they want to study. For the first time, students could choose to learn about blogging, which two of them did! So we’re very happy to announce that until the end of January, two SMUS students will be running the Middle School blog. Meet our web-savvy team!


Welcome to the Middle School blog. I’m Amanda, a seventh grader at SMUS Middle School, and I chose to do blogging this term for exploratory. I chose blogging this term because I really enjoy blogs myself, and I thought it’d be fun to learn a little bit about blogging. Some other things I enjoy are photography, reading, writing, and listening to music. My last exploratories were song-writing, hip hop, and cross-stitching. I really hope you’ll come back and read some more entries on the Middle School blog.

Hi! I am in Grade 8 and I have been in SMUS for two years. I like, music, drama, hanging out with friends, reading, art, dancing, motorcycles and computers, and I’m on the Middle School student council. One of the past exploratories I’ve done is mind games, and I enjoyed it because I enjoy playing chess, and playing other strategical games.


  1. Hi Amanda and Amita!

    I look forward to hearing about what is happening around the Middle School. I will be back to read more entries!

    Mrs. Haydock

  2. Hi Amita and Amanda! Nice job introducing yourselves on our own Middle School Blog.

    Hey – Amanda – I didn’t know you have an interest in song-writing. Maybe you can write one for a school experience sometime?

    Motorcycles? – coolio…..I enjoy being the passenger!

    See you at schoolio! 😉


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