Grade 8 Class Learns Math Through Dance

by Mackenzie Valentine, Grade 8

Watching Michael Boston (the tap-dancer) I was amazed! His feet were moving so fast it was making my head spin. I think no one could believe what we were seeing. He taught us some simple and easy to learn tap-dance tricks, one called a paradiddle. A paradiddle is just some simple patterns that you can learn quick and easy. This paradiddle included a heel dig which involves your heal digging into the ground, then a spank which is where you smack your toes back behind you. Then there is step which is where you just step back onto your toe, and you finish off with a toe drop –  just drop your toe to the ground.

Tap-dancing assignment

Michael’s performance had such an impact on me I wanted to learn how to tap dance right then and there. I thought it was amazing to see if you work hard and practice for a couple minutes every day, how good you can become. Michael taught me a lesson in the sense that if you work hard you can be as good as you want to. If I ever get a chance to see Michael again or go to one of his performances I’m not going to think twice about going. I’m sure everyone who was there loved seeing him tap dance as I really enjoyed it.

Thank you Michael and Mrs. Hoeppner!


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