Grade 6 Scientists Study Swan Lake

by Ben, Grade 6

I liked the Swan Lake field trip a lot. The beginning was fun when we got to catch animals and some people caught fish. Also the microscopes were fun too. But my favourite part was the turtle getting to eat the fish. We got to see nature at work. All in all, I thought that the field trip was a great experience!

by Jill, Grade 6

I enjoyed the whole field trip, but my favourite thing we did at Swan Lake was catching the fish and looking at it underneath a microscope. We kneeled on the dock and drove our nets into the pond. We came up with plants and sometimes a fish. Then we looked at those under a microscope. My fish kept moving around, but when it was still it was really cool. Unfortunately, my friend’s fish was fed to the turtle, but it was fun watching the chase.

by Lucie, Grade 6

Last week our class went to Swan Lake. I had a lot of fun learning about plant and animal cells. My favourite part was netting the fish and plants from the pond. I caught a small fish but I had to let it go because it was native to the pond. After that we looked at what we caught. When I saw a plant cell without any microscope I could barely see a texture, but when I looked under the compound microscope it was huge. I could even see the plant cells on it. I had a really great experience and I learned a lot.


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