SMUS Review: Middle School Cellists Perform


by Athena Kerins and Keeley Copeland, Grade 8

On October 17th, Desmond Hoebig, a professional cellist, came to the Junior School with us. He played the Schumann Fantasy Pieces, the Prelude and Sarabande from the 6th cello suite by J.S. Bach and Chopin’s Polonaise Brilliante. He was accompanied by Robert Holliston on the piano.

We were amazed by the speed and perfection that Desmond played. The notes were so fast that they sent him from first position to the bottom of the finger board in seconds. The music was very complex and impressive. We were also very impressed by his cello itself. It was made in the late 1700s in Venice. It was so big that it had to be altered to make it playable. It has quite a history judging by its dents and scars.

It was an honour to hear Mr. Hoebig play and an even bigger honour to be able to play with him. As a finale to the recital Mr. Hoebig, Mrs. Smith, Jake, James, Jason, Graeme, Amy, and ourselves performed an arrangement of Mozart’s “Ave Verum Corpus” for cellos and double bass.

Although we were only with him for an hour, he taught us so much and we are very grateful for that opportunity. He taught us that if you work hard and practice a lot, even the seemingly impossible pieces can be played and you can create beautiful music.


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