Grade 5 Students Talk Leadership

by Kathleen Cook, Junior School staff member

On Friday, October 15th, the Grade 5 students participated in a special Leadership Assembly. Ms. Richards and Mrs. Cook spoke about leadership at the Junior School and the fact that all students are encouraged to be leaders. Each student prepared for this assembly in their Life Skills class. In the assembly each student made a speech in front of their parents, the teachers and children of the Junior School about what leadership meant to them. The Grade 5 students did an outstanding job of presenting their ideas to this community. Following the speeches each student was presented with a leadership pin that they are now wearing proudly on their blazers. Parents and children joined together for a refreshment time following the ceremony to celebrate the success of these young leaders.

Thoughts on Leadership

  • “I am really looking forward to doing the Grade 5 jobs. Everybody can be a leader. It doesn’t matter who you are.” – Joshua
  • “I think a leaders is someone who shows a good example for younger kids.” – Olivia
  • “Everybody in the world can be a leader. Some people in the world give billions of dollars to charities all over the world. It is important to have leaders because if we did not have leaders we would not be where we are today.” – Nick
  • “I think leadership is being responsible and having manners. Leadership is leading by example and not breaking the rules.” – Tucker
  • “I think a good leader is a person who shows responsibility. A good leader is trustworthy – someone who always tells the truth.” – Tony
  • “To me a true leader is someone who treats people the way they want to be treated. I am excited to do all the leadership jobs like computer monitor, crossing guard and putting up the signs in the morning. During the year I will try to be a leader and help others.” – Matthew
  • “Being a leader, we must be responsible and kind to the young children. We have to understand the school and you have to care about helping.” – Charlotte
  • “If you give to other people and expect nothing in return, you are a good leader. If you have courage and faith in other people you are a good leader.” – Alexa
  • “Being a leader means you need to be calm. Believe in yourself – that is very important. Be generous and share and it will help.” – Emily
  • “Treat people the way you would like to be treated, is what everyone says, but if you take a second to look, really think about it, then you will know that you have to know this saying to be a leader. Accepting different people is super important to remember if you want to be a leader.” – Elise

Leadership & Courage

  • “A leader inspires people to try new things. The best leaders have confidence in everything they do. From crossing the street to changing the world.” – Chloe
  • “I am going to show leadership. I’m going to include others, set a good example and be responsible for my actions.” – Macy
  • “To me, leaders are people who respect others, help others and have courage.” – Emily
  • “I think being confident in what you are going to do and following through with it makes you a good leader. Leadership also means being brave to speak up, help and stand up for yourself.” – Rachel
  • “A leader always has hope even when it’s hopeless. To me Martin Luther King is such a leader because he believed that he could change the world, and he did.” – Triumph
  • “An important thing that every leader should have is to be able to stand up for what they feel is right.” – Karmen
  • “If you want to be a great leader you should have courage, patience and generosity.” – Taylor
  • “Just be yourself, because everyone has something they can do too. So don’t try to be the same as your friend. Be yourself.” – Joseph
  • “Leadership means being courageous and setting goals and achieving them. A leader is respectful and patient and is always trying to do their best.” – Alice
  • “What a true leader means to me is someone who is understanding of people and of their feelings and someone who will stand up for themselves and other people.” – Sara

Leadership & Service

  • “What leadership means to me is showing friendliness and kindness. Kindness can be shown in many different ways. One way kindness can be shown is when you do thoughtful things to give others happiness.” – Adam
  • “Leadership, to me, is having patience in yourself and others.“ – Amrit
  • “Leadership always has a good turn out even if it’s just a proud feeling in your heart. Make unity in the world. Help someone or something at least once a day.” – Aysha
  • “I think being a leader is being kind and doing service.” – Imaan
  • “What leadership means to me is being responsible, kind, helpful and peaceful.” – Jamie
  • “To me leadership is getting involved with your community and being kind, caring and helpful.” – Nick
  • “I think to be a leader you have to be full of virtues like helpfulness and friendliness.” – Ethan
  • “If you care for others when they need it they will do the same back. Be kind and compassionate if someone is having a hard time.” – Kalsang
  • “It means showing kindness to other students and respecting the school. One way I am going to try to show leadership is to be the best person I can be.” – Megan
  • “Leadership is service to your community and it is a great way to show how much you care about your community. Including everyone is a good way to show unity, love and consideration. “ – Katie
  • “Here are a few ways to be a leader. Help all. Doesn’t matter if they are a teacher or student or someone you don’t know very well. Help animals and the environment.” – Rachel
  • “I think leadership is helping and encouraging others. A good leader is generous – putting your time into different things. It is important in being a leader to put yourself in other people’s shoes.” – Saisha
  • “I think that leadership is helping others without being asked to. “ – Danielle
  • “Leadership is being a helper, if needed. It is having a positive attitude and making friendships.” – Harry
  • “An example of being a leader is to help people if they are hurt or picking up trash or having a good attitude.” – Rhys
  • “Leadership is being helpful, kind and brave and treat people the way you want to be treated. I remember when I was in Kindergarten. I looked up to the Grade 5’s. Now I am a Grade 5 leader and I hope you do the same.” – Hayley
  • “Leadership means to help solve a problem and respect everyone. Being a leader means being kind, responsible and generous.” – Adam
  • “Being friendly is a good thing because if you aren’t then people aren’t going to think of you as a good leader. You don’t have to be older to be a leader – anybody can be a leader.” – Lindsay
  • “Being respectful to people around you and being patient is helpful if you are a leader. Service is important to me because if you don’t show service you can’t help the poor to get a home or help a teacher if they need help carrying in bags.” – Aidan
  • “To be a good leader you need friendliness and know how to give, learn and have fun.” – Tatum


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