SMUS Review: The Time Benders


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by Rachel Olson, Grade 8

As I walked along the stone-brick path to chapel, I thought what was about to happen was going to be a regular chapel. When my friend notified me about the Time Benders, I was excited because I enjoy high energy music and dance. When I sat down with my TAG group and watched them introduce themselves, I looked around to see if anybody else was in their PE strip: I would not want to stand out!

I found the Time Benders very entertaining. Each song that they performed was full of enthusiasm. It made me think of how much fun the 70s, 80s and 90s must have been! I was enjoying the show when the lead man asked for a volunteer who could sing. The boy sitting behind me, a friend named Simon, raised his hand and got called up on stage. I cheered him on with the rest of my colleages. The male lead asked him his name and his girlfriend’s name. Of course I laugh about it now, but at the time I sunk in my seat when every single head turned to me. I couldn’t help hiding my face, wouldn’t you?

The show continued after Simon (my all of the sudden “boyfriend”) sung “I’ll Be There” and played the tamborine. As if that wasn’t bad enough, a few songs later the male lead walked down the aisle and down my row.

“We need another volunteer, but this volunteer is special,” he said as he stopped in front of me. “It’s you right?” he asked.

I was speechless, literally, as I looked at him with a are-you-kidding-me stare. He invited me up on stage, I reluctantly followed him. My friends clapped and cheered for me, but I couldn’t help but feel my face going red. Obviously I don’t get to play the tamborine. NO, NO, NO! I HAVE TO DANCE! The lead girl told me to follow her, unfortunately I didn’t get all the moves, but I have to admit…I had some fun!

They sent me back to my seat and continued to play semi-familiar songs as we clapped to the beat. I have never seen so many people, completely unable to stop laughing! Including me, everybody was close to tears in laughter as Anderson (A-dawg) got up and started dancing with two other teachers! His hilarious moves made everybody smile!

We finished with a dance party, conga line and a big thanks to the Time Benders!! Just another chapel, right? 😉


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